Lab & Imaging Services

For our patients convenience Family Practice Group provides satellite Laboratory services.

Laboratory draw appointments are available at FPG Monday – Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Call (541) 779-5531 to schedule your appointment.

To Prepare for a Lab Test:

  • We recommend you remain well hydrated, drink plenty of water starting the night before your anticipated draw.
  • Continue to take any prescribed medications as directed by your provider.
  • Do not urinate before coming in for a blood draw; quite frequently a urine sample is also needed.
  • You may brush your teeth.
  • Your provider will indicate to you if your test needs to be in a fasting or non-fasting state.
  • If your test requires fasting, do not eat 8 hours before the test; drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and you may have one cup of black coffee or tea (no cream or sugar added).

Please visit Rogue Valley Physicians Laboratory and Imaging Center web site for details on the other diagnostic services available.